Who Are We?

Aspire provides quality support for our young people including young people with challenging behaviour and emotional needs, empowering them to achieve independence and to become positive members of the community.

Work With Young People

Aspire provides a high standard of accommodation and supportive environments for young people aged between 16-25 years old. We want our young people to develop and maintain respect, self-reliance and self-care skills to enable them to make informed, age-appropriate decisions so they can achieve a successful transition into adulthood.

  • To provide young people with accommodation that is stable and appropriate to their needs whilst encouraging personal choice and creating “a sense of home”.
  • To create an environment which offers young people the opportunity to be listened to, express their wishes and feelings.
  • Encouraging health and well-being through exercise and healthy eating.
  • To build structured plans for every young person which will work on building their short, medium and long-term goals.
  • To encourage young people to develop their individual identity and a positive self-image through treating them with dignity and respect and reinforcing positive behaviour.
  • Ensuring safety, stability and security for all of our young people.
  • Providing training in several areas around independent skills such as cooking, healthy eating, hygiene, household maintenance, job skills, budgeting, applying and maintaining benefits.
  • To encourage and enable young people to maintain/develop positive relationships with their peers, family/carers and the wider community.
  • To ensure young people have the skills and knowledge to access support services in the community
Teenagers sat on the floor

Our Values

Aspire firmly believes that we are:

  • Committed to doing our very best for the people we support
  • Honest and open in all of our relationships and communications
  • Respectful of others, their views and their rights
  • Inclusive in how we value diversity, support equality of access to opportunities and challenge discrimination
  • Provide a creative way of working and how we use resources
Two Teenagers

Our Mission

Our phrase “Aspire to Inspire”. Is just that. We want to inspire the young people that we work with to see that they have the potential to achieve what they set out to achieve. We want to give our young people the life skills to become independent individuals, who make positive contributions to society.

As the Director of Aspire, I am a Social Worker that has years of experience of working with a range of young people. I feel that this has helped me to form the base of the support that we offer to our young people to give them the tools that they need.

Where We Work

Aspire are based within Stoke-on-Trent and work with the neighbouring Local Authority’s and those across the UK to support young people and family’s that require tailored care to assist them with the next stages of their journey.

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Feedback, Compliments & Complaints

We always strive to satisfy the needs of the individuals that use our services. However, very occasionally you may feel that we have failed to meet your expectations.

We value all feedback, positive or negative. Complaints are seen as a way for us to review and improve the services we offer. By listening to complaints, mistakes can be resolved quickly and steps taken to ensure that similar problems do not occur in the future.

Complaints may be made in person, by telephone, in writing or by email

When making your complaint, please provide as much detail as possible in terms of your complaint and also, where relevant, an indication of what actions you feel we should take to resolve your complaint.

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